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Family owned and operated since 1981


Owners Lynn and Laura Christensen opened PDQ in 1981. It began as a mailbox rental service for customers receiving letters and packages. Soon afterwards Lynn and Laura introduced UPS shipping and for many years PDQ was the only Authorized UPS Shipping outlet in Town. Over the years many other services became available including FedEx and USPS shipping, Notary Public, faxing, scanning, copying, Passport Photos and even Western Union telegrams and money wiring.

With the addition of Fingerprinting in the 1990’s PDQ became what it is today. With the exception of Western Union, PDQ still offers all of it’s original services. They have become of favorite of Davis locals and are known for their fast, friendly and efficient customer service.

Lynn’s latest venture is PDQwater; backflow testing and repair. Every home or business with a cross connection must have their Backflow prevention system tested once a year so Lynn became certified to do the testing and repairs. It’s a welcomed change of pace as it gives him a chance to work outside in the sun and get his hands dirty.

After all these years Lynn and Laura continue to work every day and don’t show signs of stopping any time soon. With the help of their three children they continue to meet the challenges of running a small business and as a family they continue to come up with new ideas to help the business succeed and grow into the future.






Left to right: Gary, Katie & Landon, 2018.

Left to right: Laura & Lynn Christensen, 2018.


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pdq, the next generation

PDQ is truly a family business. All three of Lynn & Laura’s children  work at the store. Pictured on the left is Gary, Katie and Landon. Gary is in charge of packing, shipping and Technology. Katie is in charge of sales and Landon runs the Fingerprinting operation. All three kids graduated from College and spent time away but they decided to move back to Davis to support the family business.

Some might think it would be challenging to work with family but it comes naturally to the Christensen kids. Mom and Dad had them working early. When the kids were 11, 14 and 16 they opened a Shaved ice business in front of PDQ and have been working ever since.

Katie, Landon and Gary look forward to taking on the risks and rewards of running a small business. They will build upon the success of their parents and continue to provide the quality service and expertise that PDQ is known for.








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